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Rainy days mean no fun and wet dog smell, right? Wrong! The rain may keep you and your pup inside, but there are plenty of fun activities to keep the both of you entertained while staying dry indoors.

Here is the ultimate rainy day activity guide for you and your furry friend!

1. Treat Hunting

Give your dog their own delicious version of a treasure hunt! All you have to do is hide some of their favorite treats all around the house. Put a few in some more obvious places so they can get the gist of the game, then challenge them with some harder to find spots. Join the fun and around with them, give them a little help when they need it.

If your pup struggles with anxiety during bad weather, put on some music and grab those treats! This game can help to keep their mind off of the thunder and help them to relax. The storm will be over before they know it.

2. Learn New Tricks

The extra time spent inside is the perfect opportunity to teach your dog some new tricks! Start with what they know to build some confidence, then pick an easy trick to begin with. The point of this activity is to have fun! So even if your dog doesn’t quite understand that new rolling over thing, just tell them to “Be cute!” and give them a treat for being the cutest pup in the world.

This activity will require A LOT of treats, which is why dogs love it! Make sure you use smaller treats meant for training or treats that can be easily broken apart to avoid overfeeding.

3. Doggy Spa Day

If it’s been a while since you’ve pampered your pup with a bath, brushing, or nail trim, now is the time! This may not be your dog’s favorite activity in the world, but those zoomies after they get out of the bath will make it all worth it! For those long-haired poodles and doodles, matting can be a big issue. Give your groomer a break at your next appointment and spend a little time combing through those matted areas.

If you have a dog that is sensitive to nail trims, with this extra time on your hands, you can go at whatever pace they’re comfortable with. Trim a couple nails, give them a break, then a couple more and soon enough your doggy manicure will be complete without the usual stress.

4. Puzzle Toys

If you’ll be taking advantage of this time and getting some work done, puzzle toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained while you get things done! There are a variety of puzzle toys available, all you need to do is put treats into the different compartments and let your dog do the hard part of getting them back out.

If puzzle toys are new to you, the Trixie Activity Flip Board is a great option. With it’s dishwasher safe design and affordable price, both you and your dog will love it!

5. Hire Some Help

Sometimes, with busy schedules and overloaded responsibilities, we need some help to give our pets the attention they need. Rain or shine, Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in Charlotte, NC provides professional in-home pet care catered to you and your pet’s needs. Whether it’s a walk to burn some energy or some extra attention indoors, Little Friends offers affordable prices, excellent customer service, and trusted care.

They provide dog walking, pet sitting including overnight and live-in options, and pet taxi services. If your dog doesn’t do well in dog daycare or boarding facilities, in-home pet sitting is the perfect option! With Little Friends, you can customize your pet’s daily schedule and receive full report cards after each visit including photos, GPS tracking, and a personal message from your sitter.

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