End of Life Pet Care in Charlotte, NC

It can be difficult to find the right care for your pet in late life and their final days. Here are some trusted Charlotte, NC-area recommendations.

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End of Life Pet Care in Charlotte, NC

Pets are like family members, so of course, pet parents have high standards for compassionate late-life and end of life care for pets. You shouldn’t have to search for reliable palliative care for dogs or cats in their final days on Earth. 
We always recommend establishing an end of life care plan with your veterinarian before the need arises to do so. Like creating a living will, making a plan with your vet for your pet’s final days is important to do when you’re clear headed and not burdened by emotional stress. Your vet knows your pet and their needs better than anyone and can offer the best solutions for end of life care and services based on your needs and comfort. 
Be sure to establish a plan with your vet that considers whether you’ll be allowed to accompany your pet in their final moments. Discuss what changes should be made in your home to make your pet more comfortable as they age, and whether you will continue medicating or treating your pet for chronic illness in their final days. There are lots of options for palliative and terminal life care for pets, and your veterinarian will always be the most reliable source for this information. 
In case you’re searching for more options, we’ve compiled a list of end of life services for dogs, including euthanasia services and hospice for dogs and cats. Discuss these options with your vet and give your pet a calm and comfortable transition to the afterlife with one of these Charlotte area pet care providers

Pet Care Providers for End of Life Care and Compassionate Euthanasia 

1. Lap of Love provides Charlotte pet owners with in-home pet palliative and end of life care. They provide compassionate, medicated euthanasia and help create keepsakes for your family to remember your loved one. They serve the greater Charlotte area, and can occasionally accommodate same-day appointments. You can reach them for questions and appointments 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm. They also offer cremation services. 
2. Gentle Sleep In-Home Euthanasia services is another mobile end of life service that allows your pet to spend their final moments in the comfort of your home. Like Lap of Love, they also offer cremation services.
3. Animal Medical Hospital and 24-Hour Urgent Care offers in-clinic euthanasia and helps make arrangements for your pet’s remains. You can choose to be present in your pet’s final moments, or choose to allow the veterinarian to comfort your pet in the safety of their office. Animal Medical Hospital can help you arrange cremation, offers cremation, or allows you to take your pet’s remains for a private home burial. 
4. Whole Pet Veterinary Hospital in Mountain Island offers end of life care, including hospice care, in-clinic euthanasia, quality of life exams, and geriatric medicine. Online booking is available.
5. CARE (Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency) offers compassionate in-office euthanasia in your pet’s final moments. They provide a safe, private space for you and your family to be alone with your pet as they pass peacefully through medicinal administration. Contact the clinic by phone for more information. 
6. Meridian Mobile veterinary care offers mobile euthanasia services that are highly recommended by previous clients. Call or email for more information.
7. Riverbend veterinary hospital offers compassionate care for senior pets, including preventative care and pain management. Get in touch to find the location nearest to you. 
8. 4 Seasons Cat Hospital offers compassionate end of life care and cremation for your cat. Their professional recommendation for in-home euthanasia for cats is Lap of Love. Euthanasia is done in your company, and your cat will be given anesthesia before administration of final medicines. Appointments are scheduled in the evenings whenever possible so you and your pet have a quiet, private end of life experience.