Lost and Found Pet Services in Charlotte, NC

Is your pet missing? Have you found a pet and not sure what to do? Here are some Charlotte-area resources for lost and found pets. 

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Lost and Found Pet Services in Charlotte, NC

If your pet goes missing, we know how stressful that can be. When you find a lost pet, it can be hard to know what steps to take to reconnect them with their family. Here are some Charlotte-area resources to help lost and found pets.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Animal Care & Control (28217) The Mecklenburg police department has an animal control division that handles the management of lost and found pets. File a lost or found pet report on their website to reconnect with your pet, or reunite a missing pet with their family. They also offer resources and best practices for helping pet parents find their missing furry friends, including where to post fliers and what social media channels are best to use. 
Paw Boost for the greater Charlotte area is a handy database for connecting pets and families. They have connected more than 1.4 million furry families across the country and counting. When you register a lost or found pet with their database, they alert local people in your neighborhood and deploy their “Rescue Squad” for free! Then, they’ll offer other helpful ways to reconnect with your pet more quickly.
Facebook Lost & Found Pages for the greater Charlotte area are another great way to help connect pet owners with their missing pets. Facebook pages act as a private network of local residents who can report missing pets and be on the lookout for yours. Here are a few local lost and found pet pages on Facebook:
1. Lost and Found Pets – Charlotte2. Charlotte, NC Lost and Found Pets3. Lost & Found Dogs – North Carolina
Lost My Doggie is another national database that helps you create a listing that the platform disseminates to over 25 local shelters, vets, and rescue groups. It’s free to list your port, and they offer paid options to boost your post to a broader audience. LostMyDoggie.com has reunited over 171621 pets and their families since 2009.
Lost My Kitty is the feline equivalent of Lost My Doggie. If you’ve recently lost your cat or stumbled upon a lost cat, this website will help get them back home. 
Petkey is a local database and microchipping cataloging service that helps reunite lost pets and prevent them from getting lost again in the future. Visit your pet’s vet to find out if microchipping is right for you, then register with the site to be sure you’ll easily recover your pet if something happens in the future. Search found pet profiles here, and post your lost pet profile with your microchip number for faster reconnection. Petkey can also confirm whether your pet’s microchip has been registered in the past.
The Gaston County, NC government office (28052/28053) helps pet owners search pets in local shelters to find their missing pets. They also offer lost and found pet forms to help search for pets that are not listed or currently housed in a local shelter. Lost pets can travel long distances, so be sure to check this and other county websites, even if you don’t live there. 
The Lincoln County government office (28092) website offers similar resources for lost and found pets. They provide a lost and found report form to help reconnect you with your pet quickly. They also provide contact information for other local animal shelters and animal control facilities and are committed to saving the lives of as many animals as possible. 
Cleveland county animal services (28150) offers similar reconnection services, listing lost and found pets in the area and allowing you to contact them when your pet is missing. They maintain an updated record of dogs and cats being held at their county shelter and allow you to browse to determine whether your pet is currently being housed there.