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Respecting Our Cats This Respect Your Cat Day

Being a cat parent can often feel like a thankless job. While you fuss over them day in and day out, you’ll be lucky if they even give you the time of day. So, when they finally do, you know you deserve it, and it just makes their little acts of affection all the more special.

Cats have a reputation of being arrogant and unaffectionate, but that’s not entirely true; sure, they need their space sometimes, but they love you. Their love language and expression are just different from dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t adore you.

They show their affection to you in subtle ways, like rubbing against your legs for a bit or kneading your arms, booping your nose, or running after you to make you play with them. If you go on holiday, leaving them behind, they can get really upset and act all clingy when you get back. They love you from the core of their hearts, just as dogs do, but their expressions aren’t the same.

Likewise, you will have different ways of showing your cat that you love them and respect their particular ticks and peeves. As Respect Your Cat Day rolls around this year, here are some things you can do to show your cat you respect their needs, their individual personalities, and their preference.

Understand their Personality

Just like humans, not all cats are the same. They have their individual personalities. While some are playful and love attention, some like to be left alone most of the time. They might get along well with some people and not with others. The least you can do is understand your cat’s unique personality and treat her accordingly.

Feed them Right

As a cat parent, you need to do this part right. Know what your cat likes to eat, what is healthy for it, and how much should they eat. Feed her responsibly and accordingly. Don’t let her go hungry; not only is it extremely uncaring of you, but it will also have physical health consequences for your cat.

Pet Them When And How They Like

Anybody who owns a cat knows that cats are extremely picky about where, how, and when they like to be pet. Some cats do not like to be touched much at all. When you do touch them, pet them around their head and neck area, because that where they enjoy it most. Stay away from their tails, paws, and belly! They do not appreciate human touch invading their private space.

Don’t Scruff Them

Scuffing is usually done by mother cats to their young in order to discipline them, so they mostly see it as a sort of punishment. Don’t scruff your cat until absolutely necessary, which is when you need to stop your cat from doing something dangerous like running out onto the street or chasing another animal.

Don’t Tease Them

Cats don’t appreciate being teased. Don’t offer them treats and take them away just to tease them. Don’t bother them when they’re sleeping. Cats understand that you’re not treating them right, and hold grudges against you. They’ll be distrustful of you because of even the littlest of things.

Groom Them

Cats do not like being bathed, and anybody who tries will usually end up with a bunch of scratch marks on their arms. However, they do enjoy being brushed, so make sure to tame their coats and keep them neat and clean. If you love someone, you care for their well-being and do whatever is necessary for them, even if they don’t like it.

Our trained, professional pet sitters at Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking are all cat-crazy people and understand and respect your cats to give them the care that they need. So, if you’re unavailable sometimes to give your cat the attention and love they need, call on our pet sitters!

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