Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Why choose Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking?

  • Free text to the Pet Parent at each visit
  • Detailed virtual log & GPS tracked report.
  • 365/24/7 hour hotline for clients
  • Online Payment and electronic receipts
  • User friendly scheduling software
  • We are never closed
  • Unlimited Free in Home Consults
  • Bonded, insured, and providing service since 2010

Pet Sitting

Little Friends offers 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 60 minute visits.  An experienced, insured, bonded, and background-checked pet sitter will provide service from breakfast to bedtime (our time frames start as early as 7 am and go as late as 10 pm). Ensuring your pet maintains their regular routine and providing companionship, we offer pet sitting, play time, meals, and cuddle time.  Our visits include a free message, virtual log & GPS tracked report.


  • Ensuring your pet maintains their regular routine and providing companionship.
  • Entails small house sitting services/crime deterrent activities such as mail retrieval, rotating blinds/lights & minor plant watering.
  • Dropped pin upon sitter arrival and departure, GPS tracking not included.
  • Includes a walk, play time, critter care, meals, and/or cuddle time.

Recurring Scheduling

If you would like the same schedule each week/recurring, we offer a customization option for your pet sitting needs!

The office will automatically schedule the “same” schedule weekly, Monday-Sunday and client is charged each week, two business days prior to sit start date for total cost of that weeks visits. (Ex: Always a midday visit M-F, or always a PM visit M, W, F, Sun.)

Schedule cannot change more than ten times in a year. If you need to make edits to your schedule, please log in to your portal and notify us of your changes so that we can edit the recurring template for you.

Client has until 9:30 AM to cancel visits the DAY OF without being charged. Visit amount will be credited onto your LFPS account.



10 Minute Visit
10 Minute Visit- 5 Pack
$16ea/ $80 total
15 Minute Visit
15 Minute Visit- 5 Pack
$16ea/ $80 total
20 Minute Visit
20 Minute Visit - 5 Pack
$18ea/ $90 total
30 Minute Visit
30 Minute Visit- 5 Pack
$21ea/ $105 total
40 Minute Visit
60 Minute Visit
Holiday Surcharge (day before, day of, and day after)
$5.00 per visit

Dog Walking

Work long hours? Have long commutes? Staying late at work? (Or all of the above?)

Be worry-free! Little Friends Dog Walkers will provide your four legged best friend with a daily walk and exercise they need while you are working.

We know how busy a household can get and want to relieve you of yet another duty.

Click here to schedule a dog walk and we will come to your home and provide your pet with:

  • a potty break
  • GPS tracked walking route
  • fresh water & treat (if provided)
  • message update

Majority of the visit time will be spent on walking your dog with the last couple of minutes making sure they are comfortable and updating you.

Feel at peace knowing that your pup has stretched his legs and enjoyed a nice afternoon walk their dog walker.

VISIT Include:

  •  Walk time included and 5 minutes for a quick treat and/or fresh water.
  •   GPS tracked & online report card update.


Buy (5) dog walks in 10, 15, 20, or 30 minute increments, all at one time for a discounted price!

Good for one year, packages are non-transferable & non-refundable.  However these do expire 365 days from original purchase date.  Click here to buy your package today and schedule when you want throughout the year.




10 Minute Walk
10 Minute Walk - 5 Pack
$16ea/ $80 Total
15 Minute Walk
15 Minute Walk - 5 Pack
$16ea/ $80 Total
20 Minute Walk
20 minute visits - 5 Pack
$18 per sit, $90 Total
30 Minute Walk
30 Minute Visits - 5 Pack
$21ea/ $105 Total
40 Minute Walk
60 Minute Walk
Holiday Surcharge (day before, day of, and day after)
$5.00 per visit
*Scheduled by Office.


(price applies per visit, per pet)

Injections or Inhalers

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