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Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is serious about making sure we hire trustworthy pet sitters and dog walkers.

Too many pet sitting and dog walking companies leave it up to the client to ensure they screen the sitters/walkers who advertise their services on the application which the company provides.

We use ACUTRAQ to run background checks on every employee who works for us. We also check three personal references. Our hiring process is second to none so we can hire reliable, trustworthy and experienced pet sitters and dog walkers.

Below is an article AQUTRAQ published and we thought we would share it. This is one of the most important topics for clients who select this type of service as the best option for their pet family.


There is now an immense number of pet care services across the US.

If you’re in need of a helping hand to take proper care of your furry loved one while you’re away from home, it only takes the click of a computer mouse to send one immediately to your door. Though convenient as these quick apps and sites may be, there can be unfortunate consequences for failing to screen your pet sitter correctly.

In a case covered by Komo News earlier this year, pet owner, Laura Lichtman, decided to use an app to quickly find a pet sitter before she and her husband set off for a vacation. On the screen, the sitter seemed to be a perfect choice. Lichtman reported stellar reviews about her and even took a liking to her when she met the sitter in person. The Lichtmans left their two dogs with the sitter while on their trip.Unbeknownst to the dog sitter, Laura was able to see what was going on via her home security cameras. She was shocked to see that her dogs had been left on their own for hours on end. Laura’s dogs were unable to cope with the stress of being alone — they tore through furniture, and urinated all over the Lichtman’s carpets and flooring. When Laura confronted the company backing the sitter, they resisted her plea for compensation. Though she eventually received her $300 back, she was not compensated for the damages inflicted on her property due to the sitter’s neglect.

Take Time to Screen your Pet Sitter

It’s common for pet owners to overlook a proper background check for their potential sitters. There are plenty of people out there who are genuine animal lovers and take pride in their work. But like Laura Lichtman’s pet sitter, there are also a few bad eggs looking for a quick buck, who will take advantage of your trust at the first opportunity. While reading online reviews and meeting in person are always recommended, they shouldn’t be the only cautionary steps to take, as both can be easily misleading.

When you team up with a background screening company like ACUTRAQ, you won’t have to worry about leaving your precious pets in the wrong hands while you’re away. Using a screening company ensures that your owner is checked for several important details:

Don’t leave your pet with an unfitting care provider. Hold off on that contract and screen your pet sitter before you sign on the dotted line.

• Criminal History: Your pet sitter may give a great interview, but the best way to assure that they can be trusted with access to your pet and home is to ask for proof of a clear criminal record.

• Genuine Client References: You may be able to dig up a few online comments about your pet care provider, but it’s easy for your sitter to fabricate their own positive comments, or pay for others to submit ones. A screening company will request contact information from a sitter’s previous clients in order to verify their good service.

Don’t leave your pet with an unfitting care provider. Hold off on that contract and screen your pet sitter before you sign on the dotted line.

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