Searching High and Low has never been easier!

One day my family’s black lab, Trouble, went missing. We lived in the countryside and it wasn’t unusual for our dogs to wander around our property, but she had been gone for the majority of the day. Trouble was over ten years old and we were concerned about where she could be, we searched the whole neighborhood, calling her name for hours. Well, wouldn’t you know it, we found her, and she had snuck into my father’s tool shed somehow and managed to close the door behind her! She was so happy to be “reunited” with us after a day stuck in the shed! Thankfully that is the only time I’ve ever had to worry about where my pet was.

It would be an understatement to say that technology has changed vastly since that day many years ago. For pet owners, there are many devices that can be used to help locate their lost pets. A new product that is not only helpful, but unique is Hi&Lo Pet Recovery Tags. You can visit their website here.

Hi&Lo Recovery Tags are unique in that they can not only help you recover your pet, but will enable you to access your pet’s information quickly and easily. The neat thing about the tag is that it includes a QR (quick response) code, as well as a unique tag number. This enables an individual who finds your lost pet to scan the QR code, which will retrieve the pet’s profile, or to login online and enter the tag number through the Hi&Lo website. The pet’s profile will include the owner’s contact information, so this should enable the person who finds the pet to get them back home quickly and easily!

Another nifty feature of the Hi&Lo tags, is that through the QR code, “you can have all of your pet’s important information available at the drop of a hat.” This information can include veterinary information, allergies, brand of food, vaccination records, etc. If you are traveling with your pet, there is no longer a need to carry around a file with all their information.

As brought out on their website, “the biggest benefit to having this information available is to allow good Samaritans who find your missing pet to find you and help care for your pet in the mean time! You also have the ability to set which information is visible to the public.”

What do you think of the Hi&Lo Recovery Tags? Have you used them? Would you be interested in getting them?



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