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Teeth Scaling in the QC and all you need to know about it!

You know how we take care of our teeth daily and go to the dentist twice a year? Dental care is equally important for our pets! Every pet is said to need their teeth cleaned yearly (also as responsible pet owners, we are supposed to be brushing our pet’s teeth daily as well). If you do not know how to clean your pet’s teeth, read this awesome article from Casar,

Some breeds are more or less prone to plaque & bad teeth due to hereditary traits. In turn, resulting in some pets needing teeth scaling more frequently or less than the next. Every animal is different, just like humans! Some humans have better teeth than others:)

Recently I did a lot of research for teeth scaling around Charlotte for one of my pups (my Vizsla is 5 years old and he needed it badly) & I was determined to find the best place with the best service, care and prices! Behold the best non-profit in Charlotte, Charlotte Spay & Neuter, they have 3 non-profit clinics around town. They have been in business forever and have serviced thousands of clients and their fur families, and counting! Here are some pictures of their newest Charlotte facility–it is awesome may I add.

I got the pricing for teeth scaling from numerous local vets and clinics and CSN had the best price for my pup. They also are centrally located, right outside of downtown. We paid $200 total and it included pre-op blood-work, anesthesia, post-op if necessary, pain medication, etc. Other local Veterinary clinics were quoting me anywhere from $450-500 per pet.

Plus, we supported a local non-profit…does not get better than that in my opinion!:) Oh and the Dr. called us after the cleaning with an update right away, to let us know our baby boy did great and was waking up. Now that is excellent client & customer service! Here is their website for more information or to schedule your pup’s teeth scaling,

Now, lets compare some veterinary prices around town:

Animal Medical Hospital (& 24 hour hospital) is an amazing 24 hour vet. I know first hand, as this was my husband and I’s first choice when we first got our pups. We also have a large amount of client’s that take their pets here. Having a puppy and belonging to a 24 hour vet provided us peace of mind (we all know puppy’s have tons of accidents, they are curious and get into almost everything). The staff is amazing, caring , knowledgeable and very communicative (they always will discuss prices with you before you check out. I know a lot of places that just slap a big bill at you in the end and that is not cool). We went to AMH for the first couple years of our V’s life, until we were comfortable with switching to a clinic that was not 24 hours.

Teeth cleaning at AMH is about $400 per pet, this includes a pre-dental exam, anesthesia, and pain medications. Not too shabby! Check them out at

Long Animal Hospital is another awesome vet, if you do not know much about them. Our general manager takes her pups here and we have numerous clients who take their animals here also! Long actually has 24 hour care available, if needed. Teeth cleaning here runs about $350-400 per pet, this includes pre-dental exam, anesthesia and pain medications. I asked Lauren to describe her vet in once sentence, she said “It is very clean, up to date and super professional!” Learn more about them at

Banfield Veterinary Hospital (specifically Cotswold) is also a great local vet, one of my coworkers takes her pup here. They even have a pet plan you can purchase (if you are a client, you can sign up for it) and it covers all of your pet’s yearly vaccinations, any shots they may need or if anything unexpected/emergency wise happens to them throughout the year. You end up saving a lot of money if you purchase one of these and they have 3 package different options. One for a puppy, one for general wellness and one for elderly pets. If you do purchase one of these package, a dental cleaning is free each year for your pet! I asked my co-worker to describe her vet in once sentence, she said “They are innovative, caring & very friendly.”

They charge $300 per dog for teeth cleaning if you do not have the yearly plan, this includes a pre-dental exam, pain medication and anesthesia.

Birkdale Veterinary Clinic is a vet in Huntersville that one of our co-workers goes to as well. The floor plan as you can see below is very open, nothing to hide & pet friendly. If you go to their website, you can view photos of each and every room at their facility. I have always wondered what goes on behind those doors, dont you? There are no secrets here:)

Teeth cleaning here, will run you about $318 per pet and this includes pre-op blood work, anesthesia & pain medication.

Dixon Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital that is in Gastonia. A friend of ours takes her pups here and has for years. DAH was founded in 1960 and is owned by two doctors, Dr. Rick Hovis (pictured below in the middle) & Dr. A. M. Spencer III (pictured below to the right). They have 10 staff members that all have been with them for 10 years. I have heard great things about this vet and that they are very hands on, can offer one-on-one attention to each and every pet and they even offer laser therapy now.

$200 per pet is what Dixon Animal Hospital charges for a teeth cleaning. This service included anesthesia, but no pain medications or antibiotics if needed. Pre-op appointments are recommended only for pets over the age of 7 and are not included with this price.

Check them out at

Happy Teeth Cleaning:) Also February is dental cleaning awareness month so look out for monthly specials around then, as I have noticed some veterinary clinics will run teeth cleaning promotions!

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