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The Complete Guide: How much do you pay a dog sitter?

Dog sitters are a wonderful resource when you need someone to help supplement your pet’s care. Whether you’re going out of town or just juggling a dozen other responsibilities, hiring a pet sitter in Charlotte can save you lots of time and guesswork with your furry friend’s care.

Sounds great, right? If you like the idea of pet sitting services, your first question might be about prices for dog sitting. While prices can vary widely from petsitter to pet sitter, there’s a lot to consider in that range.

Whether you’re looking for petsitting rates in Charlotte or nationwide, here’s everything you need to know about pet sitting costs and what to expect.

The going rate for dog sitters and other petsitting costs

Pet sitting rates can vary, depending on a number of factors, which we’ll get into in the next section. That national average for pet sitting is between $15 and $35 for 30 minutes and $25 to $55 for 60-minute visits. That’s what you can expect to pay when browsing pet care services nationwide. Locally, the average pet sitting rates for the Charlotte area are between $20 and $35 for 30 minute visits and $30 to $50 for 60 minute visits. However, some Charlotte-area petcare companies charge additional fees of $2 to $6 per pet, per service.

Like most service industry roles, it’s customary to tip your pet sitter. Pet sitting tips might be between 15-25%, depending on your budget, services used, and efficiency of service.

Your pet sitter may charge for an initial meet and greet with you and your pets, especially if you have more than one furry friend, or pets with complex needs. Many pet sitting companies may also charge fees for last minute bookings and late cancellations. A good pet sitter will be upfront about all fees and prices for dog sitting before or at the time of booking.

While pet sitting rates vary widely across Charlotte and nationally, that’s because their services vary widely too.

Why dog sitting prices vary so much from dog sitter to dog sitter

While there’s no certification needed to be qualified to pet sit in the states, that doesn’t mean all petsitters are equally as qualified. Different pet sitters also have different resources, employment requirements for staff, and organized scheduling with professional pet care experts.

For example, Little Friends Pet Sitting, your Charlotte, NC pet sitting and dog walking company, charges according to the services, safety standards, and quality of pet care we offer. Our pet sitters are bonded and insured and we’ve created an easy-to-use website and pet sitter app (Time To Pet) that makes scheduling easier and more reliable than many other pet care companies. We also have petcare experts on call for customer service and backup pet sitters in place for emergencies, so you always get the pet care you need.

Why pet owners should consider more than just price when picking a pet sitter

Some home dog sitters offer additional services, like basic home care and administering medications with the gentle, professional care your pet needs (LFPS is one of those).

Other home pet sitters may not have the experience or training to care for pets overnight, or to care for pets with complex dietary, health, or social needs. These services may cost significantly less because they offer fewer professional services at a slightly higher risk.

When determining which pet sitting services are right for you and your furball family, take a look at both cheaper and more expensive options. Make your decision about how much to pay a dog sitter based on the level of service that you’re comfortable with. Your first priority should always be the safety and compassionate care of your pet.

LFPS will always offer the highest standards of care for your pets because our staff are vetted, trained, insured, bonded, and they all work through a system that connects pet sitters and clients safety and securely. If you’re looking for a pet sitter you can trust, call us!

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