There’s an App for that

Over 7,000 dogs are lost a year.  

Those days of posting a pic of your fur baby on telephone poles and signs all around town, are over!  There is an app, Finding Rover that is easy to use and will help you find your fur babies from anywhere.  They use facial recognition through a picture.  Just upload a picture of your pet (front facing and recent), mark the eyes and nose on the app, then the photo is verified via facial recognition technology.  This data is stored and will be used if ever an emergency, and your pet gets lost.   And it is free!

In three easy steps, Finding Rover alerts a large network of dog organizations, nearby members and social media (once you send out an alert that your pet is missing), the finder of your pup snaps a photo and the system looks through thousands of registered animals from owners who use the app.  The system uses facial recognition by eyes and noses, if there is a match-your pet is home in no time as you will be alerted:)

It takes 30 seconds, so register and create your profile now!  Check out more information on this awesome app:




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