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Tips to Successfully Prepare for Your New Puppy or Kitten

If you’re a first-time puppy or kitten owner, the experience of bringing home a puppy or kitten might be a mix of queasiness and unbounded excitement. After all, you can’t wait to meet your new pet.

However, it’s important to remember that pets are not toys. While they are super fun and cute, they also come as a huge responsibility. Becoming a pet parent is a big responsibility to shoulder, one that you have to take on with seriousness, patience, and dedication. It’s best to be prepared for what’s coming, so you know what to do with your pet, and so that the little pet feels right at home when he arrives. So, let’s get down to business!

Do your Homework

If you have never had a pet before or never been around one much, read up on it. Do your homework, do your research, and talk to people. Find out what a little kitten or puppy needs, what they should be staying away from, how they function, what their ideal diets are, and the best ways to raise them. Once you have read up on all the basics of raising a little kitten or pup, you will be more confident and careful once the pet arrives.

Go Shopping

Read up on the best foods to feed your little pup or kitten. Get some pre-packaged food and treats from your local store, and buy food and water bowls. If you want to give them homemade meals, buy the ingredients to prepare it at home. Also, get them identification tags and collars, so the little pet does not get lost in its new surroundings.

For puppies, a leash is also essential, while a litter box is crucial for a kitten. Buy little toys, scratching posts, and balls for the pet to play with once it gets to your home.

Pet-Proof Your Home

Just like a human baby, little kittens and pups are also curious about and get in places where you wouldn’t want them to. Pet-proofing your home will ensure the pet doesn’t hurt or harm itself, and also save your belongings from their eager claws. Get down on all four and see the house from their eyes. Remove anything placed on the floor that can be harmful to them or precious to you. You can even install baby gates to keep them out of certain areas of your house.

Look up a Nearby Vet

Medical conditions can arise suddenly. Even before your pet arrives, look up the nearest vet in your locality. Ask around to get reviews about the vet, and note down the contact number and address. In case your new puppy or kitten falls sick upon arrival, you’ll know where to take them.

In a pet-proofed home, it is safe to leave your pet alone, but make sure to hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker to come home and check up on your little pets and tend to their needs when you are unavailable. Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking has trained professionals who know all about giving your new pup or kitten the care and attention they need.

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