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If you have friends who are dedicated pet parents, there’s one thing that they’ll love more than gifts for themselves – gifts for their pets. If you get them something special that involves their pet, you will have made their day.

If you have no experience with pets yourself, here is a list of Christmas gifts that every pet lover will adore.

1. Self Heating Beds for Pets

A big problem that many pet owners have in the winter season is where their pets will sleep. The floor might be too cold for them and their regular beds not warm enough. In situations like these, a self-heating pet bed is the perfect solution. A cozy self-heating pet bed adjusts the temperature so your pet can keep warm while sleeping. If you really want to get your pet-loving friend a thoughtful gift this holiday season, get them an amazing self-heating pet bed.

2. Bluetooth Trackers

This is actually a really useful device that all pet owners should have. A Cube Bluetooth tracker will allow your friend to access their dog’s live location from anywhere through their smartphone. This will also serve to stop them from worrying when they have left their pets alone at home, or when their pet has managed to slip out of the house without anybody noticing.

If your friend ever needs to leave their pets alone, they can always hire a pet sitter from Little Friend’s Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services to watch their pets for them.

3. Pet Spa Vouchers

Just like you gift your friends spa vouchers for themselves, in the same way, you can gift your pet-parent friends spa vouchers for their pets. They will probably appreciate that more! A day at the groomers where their pet gets the best treatment will make pet lovers happier than you can imagine.

4. Pet Sweater

Pet sweaters are pretty cute and make for very special gifts. Pets get cold in the winters, too, and gifting your friend a pet sweater will leave your friend feeling loved because you thought of their pet, too. If you want to make it extra special, you can even knit the sweater yourself. If you don’t know how to knit, don’t worry; you can easily find something on Amazon. You can get unique, customized winterwear for the pet, such as an Adidog hoodie, a sweater with the pet’s face on it, or a quirky, inside joke between you and your friend.

5. A Pair of Socks

A pair of socks for your friend or their pet? Well, it could be both. You can get them identical cutesy socks that they can wear together through the winters. The thought of twinning with their beloved pets is very exciting for pet owners, so why not make them happy this way?

6. Hand Vacuum

A good-quality vacuum cleaner can be a life-saver for pet lovers. Living with a pet often means that their fur will get everywhere, from the carpets and the sofas to your clothes. A handy vacuum cleaner can make it easier for pet parents to clean up after their pets and keep their house looking presentable and tidy for Christmas.

7. Portrait/Caricature of the Pet

You can also get your pet-loving friend a customized portrait or a caricature of their dog that they can adorn their living room wall with. The pet obsession knows no bounds! There are a number of pet photographers in the Charlotte area that can take beautiful pictures of your pet. Reflections by Rhiannon is one of them, along with Barkography and The Dog Photog.

This Christmas, go ahead and show your friends that their pets are as important to you as they are to them and have a merry Christmas!

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