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Cat owners will tell you that their cats often behave in strange and unpredictable ways. Cat videos on the internet have primed us to find the weird activities that cats engage in amusing. However, the behavior of cats is rarely irrational, from their point of view anyways.

If you own a cat, it may be helpful to learn a bit about cat psychology and understand why they often act the way they do. Let’s take a look at some common cat behaviors.

1. Rubbing their heads against owners

Cats often rub their heads or nuzzle their bodies against their owners. This is usually perceived as a show of affection. However, this behavior is actually known as “bunting” and is performed when cats wish to show their ownership over others. The process releases pheromones from your cat’s head and lets other felines in the vicinity know which cat you belong to.

That’s right, your cat probably thinks they own you! That’s not to say bunting isn’t a form of affection. If your cat is rubbing their head against you, odds are that they trust and value you enough to claim ownership over you.

2. Sitting in boxes and tight spaces

Everyone’s heard stories about cat owners purchasing expensive beds for their cats, only to witness their cats cozy up in an old shoe box instead. If you’re one of the owners that has had to return a cat bed due to this reason, you should know that your cat’s preference towards shoeboxes actually stems from their primal instincts.

Cats like sitting in enclosed spaces because it helps them feel secure. If your cat were living out in the wild, it would avoid resting in open spaces as it leaves them exposed to predators.

So think twice before purchasing that fancy cat bed, and allow your kitty to enjoy the humble comforts of an empty cardboard box.

3. Staring at people

Most cat owners have gotten into a staring contest with their cats at some point. Animals often signal different emotions using their eyes, and cats are no different.

If your cat has locked eyes with you for an extended period of time without blinking, it may be trying to intimidate you. Your cat may also perceive your stare to be threatening, so you should avoid looking them in the eye for more than a few seconds at a time.

However, if your cat is blinking slowly while they are staring at you, they may be showing affection. This behavior is informally known as “cat kisses” and is commonly used to de-escalate interactions with other cats.

We love our precious kitties for all their unique quirks and characteristics. They’re more than just our pets, they’re family! When you can’t be there for your cat, from planning a vacation getaway to long work hours during a busy week, you can trust Little Friends Pet Sitting in Charlotte to treat them like family and give them all of the care and attention they need.

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