Young Affiliated Professionals – Humane Society of Charlotte

The Humane Society of Charlotte’s Young Affiliated Professionals (HSC-YAP) brings together people interested in animal wellbeing, and while doing so, they get to know like-minded individuals through activities, including social events, networking and fundraisers.

Opportunity to join this program is open to individuals ages 25-45 and requires filling a membership form. A donation is requested, $180 a year for an individual, or $300 for a couple. The membership donation is tax deductible and makes a difference in helping needy animals.

An individual membership donation of $180, ensures that four puppies will get their required vaccines, and provides one spay or neuter surgery, which leads to fewer unwanted offspring.

A couples membership donation of $300, gives 30 animals a clean, safe kennel and a few pet beds to make the shelter pets more comfortable.

Find more information about the HSC Young Affiliate Professionals Program here.




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