Maizee says “Brrr!” Tips to Protect Your Dog in the Cold

Wow!  When I have gone outside the past few mornings, I haven’t wanted to stay out too long because it is sooo cold!  It makes me shiver and shake and I don’t like it.  And I’m a pretty big puppy so I can take the cold better than smaller dogs, baby dogs or
senior dogs!

My Mommy and Daddy limit our time outside when it’s cold, just like they do when it’s raining.  We go outside for a short amount of time, and they always stay with us, even when we’re in the fenced in yard.  This is because we can get too cold if we are left outside too long, so they keep a close eye on us.  They make sure we do not start shivering too much which is a sign of a doggie getting way too cold!  We go outside, play a little bit and do our business, then go inside to the cozy warmth.

My brothers and sisters are tiny doggies.  And since they are so small, they have to
wear sweaters outside when the weather is really cold.  This helps them stay warm!  Dogs with short hair, senior doggies and baby puppies should also wear sweaters in cold weather to help keep them warm.  A lot of people think sweaters are silly and
the owners are just trying to make their puppies look like people.  But that’s not true!  Sweaters are important for dog health in the cold.  If your pup doesn’t like wearing a sweater, they have Velcro jackets which are easier to put on and may be tolerated better than a sweater.

If it’s icy, like it was on Sunday night and Monday morning, or snowy, you really have to watch our paws!  We can get ice and snow stuck on them which is painful!  Plus, the snow and ice may have harmful substances on them, such as salt or slag.  When we get inside and see our dirty paws, we will quickly lick them clean!  These nasty substances can get into our tummies and make us sick.  So either doggie booties, or a good cleaning of our paws before going inside, is needed.

Pups like to be warm just like people.  When it’s cold out, make sure to pay special
attention to us so we don’t get doggie hypothermia or frostbite.  The above tips will help keep us safe.  If you notice any signs of us in pain or sick, call our vet.  Even though most of us hate going to the vet, he will make us feel better again!

What are you doing to help your dog survive the cold?