Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat: Daily Walks

With the heat wave upon us, most of us are avoiding going outside and staying in the air conditioning during the day. That’s a great way to stay cool, but what about your dog that needs daily walks for exercise and potty breaks? Both you and your pup need to follow these survival tips to beat the heat during your walks.

Beat the Heat this Summer!

Tip 1: Go for early morning and late night walks if possible. Since these times are the coolest parts of the day, make an effort to get your walks in during these times. Usually between 10am and 5pm are the hottest times of the day, so avoid long walks during this time.

Tip 2: Watch your dog for signs of dehydration. Excessive panting, drooling, unusual fatigue and bloodshot eyes are signs of overheating and dehydration. If you notice these signs, get your dog to a cool place and give water immediately. And remember, dogs with thicker coats and darker cooler fur tend to overheat quicker than those with lighter coats.

Tip 3: Keep your dog hydrated! Carry a bottle of water on your walk with a collapsible dog bowl so you and your dog can have water breaks in the heat.

Tip 4: Avoid walking on the asphalt during the heat of the day. Not only is the asphalt hotter than the sidewalk or grassier areas, but it can burn your dogs sensitive paws. Choose the sidewalk or grass instead. If you can not avoid walking on asphalt, invest in doggie booties. These shoes will keep your dog’s feet from burning and help him or her stay cooler since they will absorb less heat through their paws.

Tip 5: If you must take your dog out during the heat of the day, make sure it is a short walk to do their duty only. Try to stay on a shaded path, away from asphalt if possible. Do not give your dog outside exercise during the heat wave. Instead, play with them inside for exercise.

Following these tips will help you stay happy, healthy and cool this summer. See you out early tomorrow morning for a walk!